The Painted Photograph Comes to Wakefield!

The Painted Photograph Workshops come to Wakefield for the Holidays! 

It’s time for the Painted Photograph to shrug off the city life and come home for the Holidays to wonderful Wakefield.
We will be bringing several new holiday-themed classes with us as well as old favorites. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift for a loved one or beautiful art for your home decor, we’ve got you covered.
And as always, every class is accompanied by live music from Mathew Falvai (be sure to include requests when booking!)


Please see bellow for class for full description

The Painted Photograph “Wakefield covered bridge”

                                   -Dec 27th 12:00pm

                                       – Dec 27th – 7:00pm

Holiday Mobile/Wreath Making – Dec 18th 7:00pm

Hanging Jewelry Organizer– Dec 19th 11:30am

Holiday Ornament Making– Dec 19th 3:30pm

 Wrapping Paper Making– Dec 20th 2:30pm



 903 River Side Drive Wakefield Qc

For Booking

call 416-629-6504 or 819-459-1987



Each class is -> $35.00 Per Person, cash or credit. All supplies & LIVE MUSIC included

 We also do Private events,

contact us for booking a party at your house with your friends! We would love to bring our class to you.

Holiday Class Descriptions!


The Painted Photograph – Stella is giving away her secrets!

“Wakefield covered bridge”  – Dec 17th 7:00pm     Dec 27th 12:00pm

-“Bouquet of flowers                    –Dec 27th 6:00pm

In this 2.5 hour step by step class, guests learn how to combine black & white photographic imagery and collage with paint to make a cohesive 18 x 30 inch work of art. Each group will chose a theme
In the beginning of the class, guests will combine and collage the photographs that are related to their chosen theme. Each guest will then learn how to adhere their images to the art paper. After a short break the guests will learn how to embellish and blend the photographs with paint/crayons/pastels and more to leave with a wonderful finished and unique work of art ready to hang in your home.
Side note – Please be mindful that we are using acrylic paint and although each guest is given an apron we do suggest that you wear something that you would not mind getting a little messy.
Class will be accompanied by live music by Mathew Falvai.
To Book: Email or call/text 416 629 6504


Holiday Card making

 Dec 6th 4:00pm,    Dec 20th 7:00pm

Each guest will receive 10 blank cards & envelopes (white or brown)
-A wide selection of mixed media material-> Paint, stamps, pastels, glitter, ribbon, card stock, and so much more!!!
-Free-work class with 1-on-1 guidance
-Make you r own holiday cards OR make your own small mixed media art pieces
-Note additional cards & envelopes can be purchased during class ($7.00 for 10)


Wrapping Paper Making with home made stamps 

– Dec 20th 2:30pm

Want your presents to have their very own charm? Try making personalized wrapping paper! Just paint your paper or stamp it! We make our own stamps out of potatoes and stamp the paper with acrylic paint or glitter! You can also frame your artwork as a gift. This class is great for kids, beginners, and pros!
-Step by step class
-Each guest gets two rolls of plain wrapping paper,
-two potatoes to make stamps & acrylic paint
– access to additional stamps and glitter
Great class for kids!



Holiday Mobile/Wreath Making

Dec 18th 7:00pm

Very similar to our mobile-making class but now with fun and festive supplies! Decorate your hanging art with ornaments, beads, ribbon, branches, vines, and anything else that’s special to you.
Whether you make a few ornaments for the tree, a holiday mobile to hang, or a wreath for the door, we will have everything you need to make something wonderfully beautiful!
Note: you do not have to make a holiday mobile, if  you would like to make a non-festive one you are more than welcome!
This is a FUN-filled interactive class great for beginners, children and pros!



Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Dec 19th 11:30am

Are your necklaces & earrings everywhere? No more! In our two-hour free-work class, Stella guides you though how to make your very own jewelry organizer to easily hang on your wall!
You will customize your hanging organizer with paint, fabric, twine beads, feathers, and much more.
Each guest will get a piece of wood or branch and 4 hooks to use as a base to build their organizer.
Don’t have jewelry? Use it for your keys!



Holiday Ornament Making

– Dec 19th 3:30pm

There’s nothing like a homemade ornament for your tree.Take 2 hours to make something really special that you will have on your family tree for years to come.We will have a variety of materials so that you can make the perfect hanging for your tree or home. Keep it as a family heirloom or gift it to a cherished friend.This will be a free work class with 1-on-1 guidance from Stella.


P.S. We also do Private events,

Contact us for booking a party at your house with your friends! We would love to bring our Classes to you.

IMG_7408 2

For Booking

please call 416-629-6504 or 819-459-1987


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