The Painted Photograph Family Portrait

In this 3 hour class, guests learn how to combine treasured photographic imagery, and collage with paint to make a cohesive 18 x 30 inch work of art. Each guest is asked to bring 3 photographs with them, colour or B&W, between the sizes of 4×6 – 8×10, printed off before the class. NOTE (if you do not have a printer you may bring hard copies and for $10.00 we can scan and print off 3 B&W 8×10 photographs).  In the beginning of the class you will combine and collage the photographs you have brought to tell your desired story or memory. You will then learn how to adhere the images. After a short break, the guests will learn how to embellish and blend their photographs with paint/crayons/pastels/embroidery and more to leave with a finished unique work of art, based around family, friends, or your pets.  This class will be accompanied by live music by Mathew Falvai.

To Book: Email or call/text 416 629 6504

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